About Me

I am a Polish and English-speaking media producer living in Dublin, Ireland. I am a Graduand of TU Dublin with a BA Honours Degree in Creative Digital Media. I am interested in photography, film making, beauty and fashion. I am passionate about social media and I am an online content creator – Blogger and YouTuber. 

Some of my past achievements in the media field include appearing in a four-part series on RTÉ One called ‘Meet the Neighbours’ in 2010, co-produced by Loosehorse and Scratch Films as well as writing and directing four student film projects, two live television programmes and a short film. I have also worked on a couple advertisement productions such as the ESB ad filmed in 2018, produced by Rocket Science. I am proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash and Lightroom as well as software such as Brackets, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Avid, Pro Tools and Wave Cart. The ideal career for me would be to work in film, photography or social media.